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According to one survey, 67% of Americans say they don’t believe there is such a thing as truth.  If a Christian makes a biblical claim the apparently sophisticated response to dismiss the claim is “That may be true for you; that doesn’t mean it is true for everyone.”   Hmmm.  That sounds nice but that doesn’t change the reality that a biblical claim may indeed be true for everyone.  Saying something isn’t true doesn’t make it so. 

Or in a similar vein the opinion is expressed with certitude, “one must never make a statement that means to negate other points of view” which of course is meant to negate someone else’s truth claim. 

What about this statement?  “Anyone who says that others are wrong in their personal truth is simply intolerant.”  Much of the same.  The only people who are intolerant are often the ones who can’t tolerate views differing from their own. 

Is it not the ultimate in self-defeating philosophies when folks say, “There is no truth,” for if indeed that statement is true then it must be wrong.  Statements like that are self-refuting.  Is there no reality that exists “out there” apart from our thoughts about it?  (based on and adapted from Prepared to Answer, by Mark Paustian, pages 157,158)

There is truth if we let God reveal it.  Want to dialog about eternal truths and reality?  Eternity is for a long-time.  Upon what are you basing your hope for eternity?  We invite you to contact us to start a dialogue.


Christ Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church's mission is for members to grow in faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ, to love one another as he has loved us and to proclaim him as the Savior needed by all people.



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