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“There are many paths to God…”  Sometimes it seems that those who oppose Jesus’ claim that there is only one path to God and that path is through him, the second person of the Trinity, are also opposed to the notion that Christians can hold their opinion without resorting to violence.  Is there really a short jump from the claim of salvation exclusively through Christ to violence and bloodshed?  Are Christians eager to verbally much less physically abuse those who reject or even despise their deeply held convictions?  No credible Christian would seek to justify a rallying call to any kind of vindictive behavior against those who hold different religious views.  Disciples of Jesus proclaim the truth in love.

“Ah, but Christians resort to uncivil behavior all the time!”  Many make such a claim.  It just isn’t true.  Name a single place on earth where people live in fear of the local Christian congregation.  In fact, Christians are being watched, arrested and martyred all around the world each day.  Why?  Because they proclaim Jesus Christ crucified for the sins of the whole world.  It is the Christian proclaiming true peace in a peaceful way who is often met with anything put peace.  (adapted from More Prepared to Answer, Mark Paustian, pages 24,25)  

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Christ Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church's mission is for members to grow in faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ, to love one another as he has loved us and to proclaim him as the Savior needed by all people.

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