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"Why should I believe the Bible…” When we read the Bible, we are confronted by a Person revealing his goodness, bent on breaking into our hearts, professing his love and speaking trust into us.  Yes, trust. 

That is not to say that a reasonable defense of the Bible is not possible; it is, on those matters which can be tested.  The historical accuracy of our Scriptures is no Achilles’ heel for Christians who don’t run away from defending its integrity.  It has not been proven false by history and archeology.  It is not full of discrepancies and contradictions.  It is not hopelessly culturally bound to ancient peoples.  

We invite you to set aside the propaganda about the Bible, the half-truths and lies that many swallow uncritically and repeat unthinkingly.  Give God the chance to speak to you.  Give God another chance to be heard.  Eternity is at stake. 
(adapted and quoted from More Prepared to Answer, Mark Paustian, pages 27,28)  

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Christ Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church's mission is for members to grow in faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ, to love one another as he has loved us and to proclaim him as the Savior needed by all people.

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