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"Why should I believe the Bible?…”  We hear many critics’ shrill voices. “Contradictions.  Contradictions.  Read all about the Bible contradictions.”   

Take a deep breath.  Pursue the supposed tangle of biblical contradictions and you may be “shocked to discover how weak the examples that are most often cited.” 

Complaints about multiple creation accounts in Genesis, for example, are failures to grasp the ancient literary structure that first provides an overview of a particular incident and than returns to the same incident to provide more details to the same incident.  There are not two creation accounts in Genesis, there is only one account in which God presents varying details across two chapters. 

“Step outside the bias that goes looking for problems, and be stunned at how few apparent difficulties there actually are.” 
(adapted and quoted from More Prepared to Answer, Mark Paustian, pages 29)  

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Christ Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church's mission is for members to grow in faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ, to love one another as he has loved us and to proclaim him as the Savior needed by all people.

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